General Scheduling Guidelines

Course Delivery Modes

Online Courses 

  • Synchronous –Students are required to be online simultaneously at pre-determined times during the term. The online schedule of classes provides a standard meeting pattern with specific days and times. Courses that require only occasional synchronous meetings should still include a meeting pattern in the schedule of classes. Explain specific course arrangements in the class notes.
  • Asynchronous – Students are not required to be online simultaneously. They complete the required course objectives individually. No meeting pattern is listed for the course.

In-Person Courses
Fully in-person courses on campus no longer require an approval and Risk Assessment evaluation. In-person courses require all students to attend every class session. They should be scheduled with the in-person (P) instruction mode.

Hyflex Learning
UMBC offers “Hyflex” learning – a flexible new delivery mode using state-of-the-art technology in specially equipped classrooms on campus. Hyflex courses are held in-person for students, while at the same time, synchronously “live streamed” to students who opt to attend remotely. Hyflex technology allows an instructor to deliver simultaneously both an in-person and an online section of a class.

Four Hyflex Classrooms are available – AD 101, SOND 105, ITE 227, and ITE 223. Hyflex classroom features include:

  • Easy setup for faculty
  • Front & rear cameras and enhanced audio system that provides an immersive experience for remote and in-person students
  • Writable surface areas and cameras that allow faculty to capture and share lecture notes, formulas, or anything typically written on the board
  • ADA accommodations for students in need

Submit Hyflex classroom requests through RT to Scheduling-SW. Rooms are assigned based on availability and date of request.

Hybrid Courses

There is a variety of options for hybrid course delivery. Some most commonly used options are:

Standard Hybrid – A class meets partially in-person and partially online. Students are required to attend all in-person class sessions. The class notes should include information for the online part of the course delivery indicating whether instruction will be synchronous or asynchronous.

Hybrid: Rotation of Students – In order to allow larger classes to have in person components, faculty may opt to adhere to social distancing requirements by rotating students for in-person and remote attendance. To indicate this, select class note number 0008 in the schedule of classes in PSoft. This will populate the following notation: “In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, students will rotate in-person attendance dates. Detailed arrangements will be communicated by the instructor.”

Other – Departments may utilize departmentally-controlled labs, performance and other specialized spaces to schedule courses that do not fit into the models described above. In such cases, the class notes should be used to describe the specific meeting patterns and/or arrangements.

Classroom Scheduling Assistance
Submit an RT ticket to Scheduling-SW.